all my filters making my mix squelchy - is that a word?

HI for some reason all my filters are causing some resonance squelchy (or distorted resonance crackly sound) sound in my mix. I have tried vult filters, VCV rack filter. I am also using Wasapi driver to my speaker. Why am I hearing the distortion sound? How do I make it go away? I tried changing the buffer size and its still there. Any help to get a clean sound would be appreciated.

Are you overloading the output?

I have the same with WASAPI drivers. I switched to DirectSound and the problem went away.

as an update The Valley developer informed me that I needed to switch the input on plateau from -0db to -18db. that seems to help

Might be worth running through one of the VU meters, e.g. Mindmeld Mixmaster so you can see how hot the levels are before you send to the reverb/fx.