Alikins Hovered Value: The easiest way to tune knob driven step sequencers

Few days ago i found accidentally a kind of VCV Rack bulletin in the Net, that i did not know … In it there was a very short review of a new module from Alikins, called Hovered Value … It is a module that once loaded shows the values of any knob, slider, input, output, etc., whenever you hover the mouse over it.

So, today i thought to myself, “I could try using it for something i’ve been looking for how to do it since a week or so” … And i tried and it worked! …

Ladys and gentlemant: A tuner for knob driven step sequencers :blush:
Thanks Alikin for such a wonderful and useful module! :clap:


this is indeed a very helpful module!

the other way to get (especially pitch) signals at the values you want, is to use a quantizer, such as jw quantizer, nysthi scalaquantizer, or vcv scalar.

I’ve just seen in News of the Rack 52 that there are other three new modules from @alikins that seem to be very helpful too:

Alikins has released version 0.6.6 and thus three new modules. Inject Value is intended as a supplement to Hovered Value and changes the value determined by the value set here. Value Saver remembers the last value and Shift Pedal allows you to use the Shift/Ctrl/Alt and Windows Menu keys to generate gate signals.

NOTE: I’m in a Mac, so i must check if “Command” key equates to “Windows Menu” key in the 3rd module.


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And for setting widgets to a particular value, you can use ‘Inject Value’. It takes a CV input and maps it to the param widget range. Works easiest with widgets that use ranges that coincide directly with CV ranges like SEQ-3, but any will work.


Yup, ‘Super’ is ‘Command’ on Mac and ‘Windows’ on ‘Windows’.

Now Inject Value just needs a gate/trigger input :wink:

Thanks @Omri_Cohen for editing the post title, i learned how to do it the next time! :wink:
But how did you make it? … Do you have forum administration/moderator rights? :thinking:

No worries :slight_smile: It will be easier to see what the post is about.
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