AlgortimArte MusiMath - music meets math

I released a new module inspired by an old music utility on windows MUSINUM (which is no more compatible with the recent versions of OS). The algorithm generates a sequence of notes based on arithmetic progressions; I added a few variants to the original formula. In this demo patch two MusiMath generates the “melody”(?) and the bass.

… and like most “generative tools/algorithms” you can ignore (or forget) “how it works” and simply “explore” if something good comes out of it :grinning:


Thank you for creating this module, it does look good. I will give it a try out on the set up you have created and then on some of my own. Will it work with samples? A current obsession of mine. I have been looking for a piano roll and music scalar type module, maybe this is the one.

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The module generates a sequence of 1V/octave pitches on the output (plus a gate signal that goes high>low>high at each new note). In order to use it with samples you must use a module in which you can load a sample and play it according to the pitch (you can find the list of sampler modules in the library searching for tag=Sampler VCV Library)

Thanks for the reply. I have tried most of Nysthi samplers, Lomas does one that can be tuned would that work? So would a tuner module help in this task? I have been playing with LFO modulation and adding Bogaudio’s ADDRSEQ on samples in Quad Simpler. Thanks for your time.

I just tried with cf Player with a short sample ( a C4 note) loaded and it works (VCV Library - cf Player). Just connect the V/Oct and the Trig.

Thank you for helping, always good to work together! That will be my go to sampler for using MusiMaths, good to know these things! I will look forward to your next modules. Would the MusiMaths work with Zefiro has well, that should be an interesting combination?

Yes this is a simple patch with only Zefiro and musimath (+ plaits as bass drum and plateau):

but I’m still working on Zefiro (I’m trying to expand its capabilities as a self-contained synth/voice).

So how can you improve on perfection, what needs adding to Zefiro to make it more superb? What else are you adding to Zefiro? Thanks for the audio, another combination to try out!

Very nice!

:grinning: it’s far from perfection … in the next release it will be able to produce sounds like these:


My, that will be a big change so you putting more bass modules to it or is it going to be a surprise? Sounds worth waiting for!

Good job @algoritmarte ! One issue I’ve noticed and pushed to your github: when disabling notes on the scale until only one is active, the whole scale buttons cease to respond: there’s no way one can add again any notes.

Hope this helps!

Thank you! I’ll fix it as soon as possible and push to git the new version.

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Thanks! No worries :blush: :+1: