AlgoritmArte Zefiro - a full synth inspired by the iconic Buchla Music Easel

Attracted by the West-Coast synthesis, I decided to dive deep into its peculiar characteristics; and after reading some documents and discussions found on the internet, I tried to realize a full synth (35HP) called Zefiro (the italian name of the wind from west) with the same building blocks and “philosophy” of the iconic Buchla Music Easel … the result is a bit amateurish (I used simple dsp techniques) but it can still produce interesting sounds and music interactions with other modules.


The “building blocks” are:

  • a 5 step CV/trigger sequencer
  • two envelope generators (attack-sustain-release and a pulser with only release control)
  • a noise generator
  • a dual oscillator with AM/FM modulation and wavefolding
  • a dual VCA/lo-pass filter stage
  • a delay
  • an inverter

I just uploaded the source code to the repository, and the module will hopefully appear in the library in a few days.

This is a small minimalistic generative demo:


Cool! It will be nice to throw 3 or 4 of these in a patch and see what it sounds like. Thanks!

This looks fun! :grin:

Got to argue with everyone else, this looks quite impressive!! Be good to get our heads around all those options on there!

:slight_smile: it seems impressive, but - to be honest - you probably can achieve the same result using a separate module for each one of the corresponding “building-block”, which I think (I’m a newbie in the modular world) are quite standard and well-known “functions”. For what regards the documentation I kept it to the minimum … but you can also pick the Easel manual and read that, the concepts used are the same :wink: . … and I wish the sound were the same too, but there is probably no comparison.

Don’t put your modular development skills down, you have done more than a lot of us non developers are capable of.
It is up to the user to find ways to use this. The sound would be different even on the Easel in different peoples’ hands eg. Mine would not sound as good as Suzanne Ciani. So its relative.

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I have created 2 tracks with this module and it is truly beautiful, I will provide the link to VCV Rack Patch Storage and Soundcloud on there. So proof of the pudding of any modules is how you combine it with other modules, the other modules were picked at random.

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Great, let me know when you put them there (and which user) and I’ll listen to them as soon as possible!

By the looks of it there’s a certain amount of crossover between your module and some Nysthi Buchla inspired modules. I don’t see this as a problem, don’t underestimate the convenience of taking out one module as opposed to five.

Here’s the links, it is truly a wonderful module, love the delay, the sequencer is good, I just added an external sequencer and watch the beauty unfold. AlgoritmArte’s Zefiro’ module-Fugue mc | Patchstorage

AlgoritmArte Zefiro - Pt1 in AlgoritmArte’s Zefiro (


Thanks! Nice tracks, especially the Pt.1 !!!

Glad you approve, the sound is coming Zefiro with modulation from Grayscale’s Supercell. Another form of reverb module would give a different atmosphere to the piece. So any module will colour the sound of Zefiro, be it good or bad sounding. Congratulations on a great module.

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Modulating it a touch at audio rate makes for some good sounding stuff, so far so impressed :slight_smile:

Ambient Ambling With AlgoritmArte Zefiro In VCV Rack - Night 7 Lunation 1

Nice one mate. I hadn’t touched it before I started that stream but I will be using it regularly.


I’m glad you find it helpful!