alef's bits released to library

heya all. still chipping away at “slips” to make sure it doesn’t still have any big issues i haven’t found yet.

in the meantime, i’ve been working on another new module (with a lot of help from @ldlework on the scope display, and @baconpaul on the core functionality).

“turnt” (as Paul jokingly suggested and i decided to go with anyway :stuck_out_tongue:) is meant to generate triggers based on an input signal.

  • in “direction” mode, triggers will generate every time the input signal changes “direction” - in other words, when the ramp changes from upward to downward, or vice versa.
  • in “through zero” mode, triggers will generate every time the input signal crosses the “zero threshold” (default is actual zero, controllable with knob/cv).
  • in “both” mode, triggers will generate under both of these conditions.

there is also a probability knob/cv to control the probability that the current trigger will actually fire.

the scope displays a view of the incoming signal (always moving from right to left across the scope) as well as the triggers being generated (represented by the red lines).

i’m still working on making it fully polyphonic. as far as i know, it does actually function correctly with a polyphonic input and output, but i’m trying to get to a point where the scope will be able to display any of the current input channels by clicking the corresponding numbered tab above/below the scope.

once turnt is in a more stable state, i’ll come back to the thread with a new build for anyone to try out. (unless you’re like @Steve_Russell and just try building it yourself from the repo, that is lol)


i take no responsibility for this choice. chuckle.


ok. pretty interesting update.

lots of little and not-so-little changes, to not only the two new modules, but also the whole plugin.

all modules in the plugin are now “themeable”. i took the basic idea from @marc_boule’s work on ImpromptuModular, with the idea of leaving my panels with transparent backgrounds, drawing the panel background when it’s loaded, and being able to control the “contrast” of the module. when the “contrast” drops below 0.5, the inverter kicks in and inverts the foreground colors of the module.


Huge thanks for these! They are definitely being used in more and more of my patches. Lots of ways to decrease the number of modules needed for a specific idea.

Oh and Dark Mode :black_heart:


thanks, i’m thrilled you are getting use out of them!

i thoroughly enjoy developing modules, so i’d probably be doing it anyway, but i never get tired of hearing people tell me they like what i’ve built. :slight_smile: :heart:


probably one of the last pre-release builds before i submit to the library. pretty happy with all of the recent changes, and the two new modules. unless anything else comes up that anyone finds issues with or has suggestions for improvements on, i think i’m just about ready to release.

this update is mainly geared towards figuring out how i want to deal with the panel contrast settings across module instances. this build includes an update such that: when multiple instances of a module are in a rack, if you change the contrast slider on one, both module panels will update at once. likewise, enabling/disabling the “use global contrast” setting on one will also affect the other. essentially, all individual module contrast settings are shared across instances, and saved/restored between rack restarts.

as a note: the way it’s set up, if a module’s “use global contrast” option is enabled, you won’t be able to adjust the contrast slider until you disable it.

this is kind of how i think i like it, but i’m very much open to other suggestions.


looking forward to the release! lol I’ve been checking for the update since I saw you posted about the theme additions :slight_smile:

Edit: I really dig the layout of your modules and the simplicity to the interfaces. Makes for faster patching and lowers the learning curve time per module

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i’m almost done with everything i wanted to finish, so i’ll hopefully be submitting it within the next couple/few days, unless anyone has any issues to report or feature requests / suggestions / etc.

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Awesome! thanks for all the work you’ve done. Maybe one day I’ll get myself motivated to do a few modules and give back to the community :slight_smile:

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well thanks for saying so, i’m super glad people like my modules, so it keeps me excited to work on them and add to them.

and if you do end up getting into developing modules, be careful! it’s very addicting! i’ve done at least twice as much developing as i have patching since i started making modules lol


eurorack world seems to be the never ending rabbit hole for us nerds, I mean brilliant human beings lol


Have you ultimate ears to say that?

Cordially…24 96

i submitted all of my recent changes/additions to the library and it’s currently under review. barring any problems, the updates should hopefully go into the library within the next week or so.


congrats and thanks :slight_smile:

thanks. i hope @cschol doesn’t hate me after tacking on several updates after submitting in the first place, as i found and fixed a couple last minute bugs and threw in customized component graphics for all the modules.

(sorry, Christoph!)

All good. Integrated.


ok heads up. as stated before i submitted all my recent updates to the library, and they should be in soon, but i just realized there are still some issues with at least one of the new modules. so just be aware that when using “slips”, and patching in a root note input and using the right click menu’s “root note input v/oct mode” or whatever i called it, it will not actually function as expected. apparently my algo for part of that was way off and i somehow didn’t notice.

working to fix it and find any other issues, and i’ll submit them as soon as i can (without overloading Christoph and Andrew, that is)

EDIT: if anyone wants to have a build where this is fixed (as well as the first pass of my expander for “slips” that allows you to enter a custom scale) here you go: Release Release 2.5.3-95fb730 · alefnull/alefsbits · GitHub


well, i definitely jumped the gun when submitting this update to the library. i’ve already had to fix a couple of missed bugs, i’ve added functionality, added an expander, and now i’ve just realized there’s a problem with saving/loading the module contrast settings.

sorry, y’all. i screwed the pooch on this update, heh.

i’ll be spending the next couple/few days working to find and fix anything and everything i can, but i’d certainly appreciate it if anyone has the time to play around with the build i linked in the last post, and let me know if you find any issues or have anything you think might need work, etc.


ok, “slips” and “turnt” along with the panel theming changes are finally in the library.

still working to find and fix remaining bugs before submitting the next update to make sure i don’t make the same mistake again lol.

in addition, i’m also putting together yet another new module lol

Good u are making progress. So what’s the idea behind the new module?