Alasdair's VCV voyage + patches

O.k. so here is my first noodeling with VCV

Used Modules: - mscHack Masterclock - Squinky Lab Mixer 8 - VCV VCA2 - Bogaudio ADSR - AS Reverb Stereo fx - AS Delay Plus Stereo - Impromtu Write Seq 32 - Vult Vessek, Basal, Lateralus and Tangents - Audible Instruments Utilities
for Stage 2 I added Drums: Vult Trummor with Squinky Labs LFN for the Noise Level
and a higher Voice: Squinky Labs EV3 through Squinky Labs Stairway, sidechained with a Befaco Atenuverter.
I also added a cf Peak Limiter and switched to Nysthi Master Recorder 2 to tame the overdrive and sounddistortion.

If there is any interrest, I can upload the patch too.

EDIT: PAtches now also on


Finally got the screenrecording to work

1909-Filterdances.vcv (37.1 KB)

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New stuff … Disrupted

disrupted.vcv (41.5 KB)


hanging.vcv (43.9 KB)

Probably Not

probably_not.vcv (54.3 KB)

In Between

in-between.vcv (49.1 KB)

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Today some polyphonic tunes … The green Torc (homage to cernunnos)

still need to figure out how to optimize my vcv … running out of CPU :dizzy_face::sob::scream:

the-Green-Torc.vcv (44.8 KB)

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191006-devotion.vcv (55.1 KB)


Such cool chords and rhythm ! reminds me of House music ^^
Lovely patch :wink:

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Thank you … Chords are simply @modlfo (Vult) Basal and Unstable with some ADSR on the to Mod2 of Basal and the Cutoff of Unstable

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Sounds awesome!

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