Akai LPK25 Midi keyboard

Hello everyone, I have bought an Akai LPK25 Midi keyboard, I have tried to run it with VCV rack and every time, it has come up with the problem below!

midi keyboard-Akai LPK-Problem|690x393

Any advice and solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using the keyboard in another software when this happens? I think in Windows the driver of USB keyboards can only be used with 1 piece of software at a time.

Well not that I am aware of, a strange answer I know but I plugged it into another USB device, a bamboo fan stand, would that count as other software? I will just try putting it into unused USB and see if that makes a difference, not thought of that. I have checked on Akai website and they state it does not need drivers, so was a little confused by that. Thanks Schabbes.

You don’t have the AKAI config software open, do you? Or any other software that uses the device? By default on Windows, only one program can access the device at a time.

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Thanks Paul, i was just watching one of your videos on Midi mapping from 2019, 5 mins ago. That’s what prompted me to ask on here. The software asks me to choose Akai LPK25 from a dropdown menu and then I can choose the settings on the keyboard as below:

Cool. So make sure that is not running when you try to use the device from VCV Rack.

Thanks always good to be inspired. Ok, I’ll give it a go, which of the VCV Midi modules would you recommend using?

Start with MIDI-CV, as in the starter template patch, but set its driver and device to your AKAI.