Advice on modules / techniques to create glitchy percussive patterns?

specifically, I’m trying to recreate something similar to Datach’i’s beautiful percussion-work (see youtube link, percussions start at around 00:30)

I’ve followed Ohmri Cohen’s very informative video about creating glitchy patterns with Trummor+, but I’m not yet 100% satisfied with the results. If anyone has any insights / advice, I’d be very thankful!

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Simpliciter from Nysthi is great for glitchy stuff. you can record your drums or import a sample of some percussive sound, then slice the sample in any way you like and you have many crazy ways to play those slices (random, gates, cv, etc.) and add glitchy heaven to the patch.

And if you don’t know the module, you know who has a video about it :wink:

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A generative sequencer like uGraph or Kompass, combined with complex modulation generated from a self-patched source like Rampage can make some great glitched out rhythms. Also try burst generators, pinged filters, PsiOp, and Plaits to get glitched out sounds.

I wish we had more modules for making unique percussion, though. :C


Hi! There’s a fun technique with Chronoblob2 that I use all the time. Maybe this can help Can you glitch with a delay? - YouTube