Advantages of an expander in compairson to a module connected by cables?

What are the advantages (and also the disadvantages) of an expander-module in compairson to a regular module connected to the main module simply by cables?

You can transport any data structure and not only float.

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Main advantage is less cables and jacks. Main disadvantage is difficulty for developers. Also it’s easy to make something that will be confusing and non intuitive for the user.

You can use Grayscale Permutation and Variant or other Eurorack modules as a prototype of the general concept of expanders. Here are some generalizations you can extract from those examples.

  • Expanders should be useless without their “mother” module.
  • Expanders should follow a master/slave architecture.
  • Expanders should offer additional UI and ports that are optional in the operation of the mother module.

If you use these guidelines for making expanders, it should be clear when you should make them and when you should make a standalone module.


Thanks, now it’s clear :+1: