Advantages adjusting GCC compiler -march flag?

Hey there, and sorry that question. I’m using a AMD FX™-8320 CPU / Linux OS, are there advantages/disadvantages changing -march=nocona to -march=bdver2 in ?


For sure if you want to distribute it you should use nocona, like VCV itself (and all the plugins in the the plugin manager).

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You can just use -march=native to get a bit of speedup for binaries running on your machine.

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Thank you both for your fast respond!

Also, use the latest GCC version you can find (currently 9.1) because optimizations are still being added, although in the last several years it has been difficult to research solutions that perform better than what it already has.

Thanks Andrew, I will check this, currently the system uses 7.4.0. .

I can upgrade GCC to 9.1 and also use -march=native in