ADSR Retrigger

Hallo my new friends. I use vcv for the first time. Do you know please where can I find info about what is the retrigger input that there is on the vcv adsr? How do I use this feature? And from which kind of of plug in or unit or device must the retrigger input receive signals? Sorry, my English is not so good, but I thank you very much.

Hi Mike, welcome aboard!

My favourite use of retriggering an ADSR is to keep a fast sequence tight to a beat, ensures there’s no bleed with sound A release still fading as sound B attack starts or if it’s a really fast trigger you can create bursts of notes per sequencer step. This is the sort of sequencing I fell in love with in early New Order e.g. on their track “Temptation”.

I think it should just take any sort of trigger so anything that has a quick major change of level like a square wave should trigger it, so in that fast sequence I may use a square wave LFO to keep the notes pulsing.