ADSR max voltage?

so im experimenting with making drum sounds in Rack, and im getting close. but when i got to pitch modulation to give the kick that decreasing pitch sound that kicks tend to have, i got stumped. what im doing is running an ADSR into the V/OCT of the VCO so i can give it a quick drop, and it almost works. problem is i dont know how (or even if i can) change the max voltage on the ADSR. right now the frequency starts WAY too high and doesnt sound like a kick at all because of this. anybody know how i can change it?

Just route it into some scaler, like 8-vert, and you can change the amplitude to be anything you want.

So ADSR Out -> 8 Vert -> Frequency and set the knob on the channel you pick to something small.

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you can use nysthi::dahd and you have a scaler and 2 vca on board
or any other nysthi env