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(Adi Quinn) #1

Seems like many folks here are making single threads for their VCV music posts…

Here’s my first play with Entropia (wow, this thing is so nice) and had to show love to Ferox (probably my favorite filter in VCV, that “Bite” knob gets me everytime). A bit lazy on the drums I suppose, next time, next time :slight_smile:

(Jim Nankivell) #2

This is brilliant. I live the bass, and the lazy drums work in this instance for me

(Marc Boulé) #3


(Adi Quinn) #4

Thanks Jim! That TWLV harmonic oscillator into Ferox is a beast

(Adi Quinn) #5

Thanks Marc! Love this new sequencer you guys put out, its truly magical :slight_smile:

(Adi Quinn) #6

Just a little sound experiment inspired by a few artists I’ve been listening to a lot lately, but it was Omar Brown’s AM post on facebook that led me to the bright idea of using Tides 2 as an AM modulator of a whole patch, since you can manipulate the waveform in so many different ways. So, I’m just basically plugging Tides vco into the vca on my main mixer before it goes into a stereo delay and out. You can get anywhere from a slow tremolo, to a gritty sound degradation effect, to a full on robot ring mod kind of thing by adjusting frequency, octaves, and the waveform. And, if you take the cv from one of your melodies or pitches going into your bassline, and plug into Tides v/oct you get this subtle harmony that kind of glues the whole patch together. Anyway, I’m pretty excited to get this to sound how I hoped it would sound, and hope you guys can use this musically in some way too.

(Adi Quinn) #7

Hate to do 2 in a day, but this one is more of a finished thing opposed to just a patching idea.

(Adi Quinn) #8

Just getting real loud with our new toys…

A couple things I noticed about Interzone: It can get pretty crazy when you get 2 of these synths cross talking to each other through the EXT inputs with different glide amounts or octaves on each. Also turn on the S&H within the lfo and have it drive the filter cutoff then modulate the lfo frequency. Not sure what’s up with the VCA input, doesn’t seem to work as expected.

(Adi Quinn) #9

chilled out patch with this crazy clock & melody system i came up with on the first row using lfos, Jooper, & AttackSustainRelease. 2nd row is a couple Rings & an EV3>Ferox to make 4 total voices. 3rd row is mixer & effects.

(Jim Frye) #10

Not sure how I missed this… Awesome sounds Adi!

(Adi Quinn) #11

Thanks Jim!

(Denis Tercier) #12

Pure beauty. Very clever. Bravo Adi.

(Denis Tercier) #13

Booom! Heavy side chaining. Usually, I’m not very fan of it, but here, it make sens. All that sounds huge. I think I’m a fan of your work Adi.

(Adi Quinn) #14

Thanks so much Denis! About side chaining, I used to do it all the time with a VCA and inverted envelope, but that got old, I barely use it anymore unless I am knee deep in mud. I saw Artem do “spectral sidechaining” with Parametra in one of his VCV Rack Ideas videos, and I really think it is way cooler sounding than just plain old ducking, especially when trying to exaggerate the effect you aren’t completely cutting out all frequencies.

(Adi Quinn) #15

Just a cool patching trick I wanted to share. So, I kept seeing this video online while searching physical modeling and finally just watched it and was kind of amazed by how cool this trick sounded in the video, so of course I had to try in VCV Rack. Mine doesn’t sound as cool as hers’ does in the video but I did take it a step further and excite Resonators with it(Rings & Elements). The “Karplus Strong” part is everything in the top row from the Bog S&H to the Vult Stabile filter. And here’s the patch if anyone wants to mess with it, although was pretty easy to setup using her flow chart at the end of the video. Karplus1.vcv (27.4 KB)

(Wouter Spekkink) #16

Wow! Very impressive stuff. I agree with McMij that the ‘lazy drums’ work well in this patch.

EDIT: Was responding to first track, in case that wasn’t obvious. :slight_smile: