Adding your v1 plugins to VCV Plugin Manager

The Rack v1 API is not stable yet, but once this happens and you release your first v1 plugin update, we are now ready to accept update requests using the instructions at (in the v1 branch). In the meantime, we will maintain two branches of the library repository to handle v0.6 and v1 manifest files and builds. You may continue to request v0.6 updates along with v1 updates in your plugin issue thread.


Is there any cheat sheet or migration guide yet for upgrading to v1?

Good question, here’s the guide., but it’s not recommended to begin porting until after the v1 API is stablized.

Ahh, great thanks. Yes I know, but I want to get a feeling how time intensive migrating will be… For now it looks quite ok for me.

If you happen to have migrated your plugin to the v1 API already you can submit an issue (or please reopen an existing issue) for your plugin in the repository to get your plugin integrated in the v1 branch of the library repo. This will get us a head start on migrating plugins to the v1 plugin manager.

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How stable should our plugins be before we submit them for this purpose? Clearly they won’t be ready for an official release, given that the Rack v1 API isn’t settled yet.

If you have a v1 branch that compiles and a plugin.json, which is now mandatory, you can submit your plugin and I will integrate it.

From the experience last time we want to encourage people to migrate their plugins earlier so we get an idea how many plugins need help with migration (via PRs). In case of API changes you just resubmit when those are fixed.

We are tracking the migration in a project board, so we get an idea where we are in terms of progress (click on the link to see the project board):