Adding several modules at once

Is it possible?

Adding modules one by one is very tedious. A way to store a selection of modules that you could load at once would be nice. The main downside for me right now is navigating the VCV browser, but maybe there are ways to deal better with it already?

I have also been missing something similar.

Sometimes I browse a certain tag just to explore, it can be tedious to get a list of modules with that tag, and having to select only 1 and then have to reenter that tag again select next etc.

Also instead of tag, sometimes I want to see all modules in a certain plugin.

However its alot easier with Submarine Module browser:

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It’s likely to improve in V1, but for now I put together several template files that contain the most common modules for starting a patch. It’s helps some.

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The submarine module browser can do exactly what you want. If you use the disk icon to load a patch, it doesn’t unload the current patch, it inserts the new patch, wires and all.


I did not know that. lol I will check it out. thanks

Thanks a lot, that submarine module browser is going to help a lot :slight_smile:

Shit, I didn’t know that either, superb news.

I save a “basic” patch for components to get my “case” started.Add whatever component for the sounds I am after. Omri_Cohen tutorials show there is a different menu to access in the _VCV Rack_ dropdown menu than standard.I’ve not figured how to change that myself, but sure like Mr Cohen’s rack menu.