Adding modules to my CV?

Multiple modules per plug? ok.

Annoying need to have a component layer blank in .svg to create a null to copy over an HP aligned format? livable.

Lack of an exacting alignment grid in inkscape? kernaful on the labelling la bling.

Some kind out samples max on a delay buffer? An optimal point release?

  • Plugins can have have just one module (there are not many plugins like that, but there’s no requirement for a plugin to start as a multi-module one)
  • Using an svg file for the panels is not required (you can do all your needed drawing manually in code)
  • All platforms supported by Rack are 64 bit, so you can make your delay buffers very large (but you obviously shouldn’t go completely crazy with the sizes since you are sharing the memory with Rack and other modules)

Is there a good example of draw font code?

there are many examples, but the first example i can think of off the top of my head is impromptu foundry.