Add two V/OCT inputs (VCV 2)

Hey there,

after fiddling a while I’ve given up on this thing. Here’s what I want to set up:

You may know the simple-but-working “MidiEditor” piece of software. But imagine any of your favorite keyroll visual editor. Routed it to a MIDI+CV module using the loopMidi driver. Works.

What I want to have is another MIDI device enabled like a MIDI controller or (while being in hotel rooms and the like) the notebook’s keyboard as an additional input. Gate addition works perfectly with the Count Modula Boolean OR gate.

BUT I seem to be too stupid to add the two V/OCT signals. As this is a polyphonic topic, a simple analog Add won’t do the job.

Any ideas? (I’m pretty sure that (German saying) I just don’t see the wood because of the many trees…)

Adding is mixing. Try a simple unity mixer like bog umix perhaps?

Not sure what behaviour you are trying to achieve. Might be, you do not want to sum the voltages on a single channel? Might be, you want to have either the pitch from one source OR the pitch of the other?

You could then use a switch/router to switch/route the desired source (e.g. either sequencer or keyboard) to the target (e.g. oscillator). In that case, you could use the gate from the keyboard/controller to switch/route the v/oct from the keyboard to the target.

E.g. Bogaudio SWITCH

In that setup, your keyboard v/oct will overide the sequencer v/oct. But…only as long as the keyboard gate is high…

BTW, there’s another version of SWITCH called LGSW that includes LOGIC you could use.

what do you want to achieve?
Do you want to have two different V/oct inputs, which you can route anywhere?
Or do you want to add 1 input to the other and mix these?

Seems like you want a polyphonic union joiner, polyA join polyB for poly(A+B)? It would have 4 ins (2gate, 2cv) and gate plus cv out, dropping gated over polyphony. Or spill output pair?

We’re guessing now, since we don’t really know what we are trying to achieve…


Maybe it is simply good enough to dedicate some of the 16 available polyphony channels to each source? E.g. 50/50. That would be 8 channels for the sequencer and 8 channels for the keyboard. And I guess you would want dedicated parallel (per source) channels for both V/Oct and Gates/Triggers (and any other control voltage you might want to use).

Or, MIDI > XX modules with poly CV input expanders, so that it could do the voice-stealing before sending the combined 16 channel poly out.

Maybe something like this, utilizing “MIDI loopback” devices, and a midi merge module.

(the “Circuit Python Audio” is a polyphonic midi input from a raspberry pi pico, but it could have been an attached MIDI keyboard)

Thanks to Kilpatrick . Your MIDI modules really come in handy with the new virtaul MIDI loopback interfaces in Rack.

now … prioritizing the live input over the sequenced input - that’s a different story - I don’t know how to.

I would double the voice generators instead, one voicegenerator for the sequencers and one for MIDI live input. and mix them with or without sidechaining.

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