Aconis | dark ambient

I’ve created a new artist for the (dark) ambient direction I’ve been heading in recently.

The album I’ve uploaded, Contact, is a collection of tracks which mostly originated in VCV Rack but were then mangled with tools like PaulxStretch and layered with other stuff, as well as more VCV Rack for effects.

Equipment used:

  • Bitwig and various plugins for reverb and delay
  • PaulxStretch
  • VCV Rack
  • Make Noise 0-Coast
  • Elektron Digitakt
  • Korg NTS-1

lovely album! well done!

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Aswsome sonic textures :new_moon_with_face:

i posted it on kbin as well:

That’s awesome, thanks ablaut! And thank you to you and @marc_boule for giving it a listen, it’s very much appreciated.

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Just listening to it now, truly mind expanding!! Just bought it. Where do the samples come from?

Thank you so much @ady34, I’m glad you like it!

Do you mean the talking on the first track? That’s public domain sample from and is part of an HP Lovecraft reading, Dagon I think. The only other samples I can think of are the occasional percussion hits bathed in reverb.

wonderful music, thanks for sharing

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This is great, but I didn’t think it was particularly dark! It’s good though, the first track with the vocal sample was reminiscent of FSOL. I don’t listen to other people’s work enough on the forum, so I’m making an effort to go through and check out everything posted in the last few months and comment when I get a minute. Enjoyed this one.


I know the first one isn’t very dark but I thought the rest was, kind of. Looks like I need to step up the darkness! Thanks for checking it out, much appreciated!

Yep you’re right, I commented after the first track and it did get darker. I wouldn’t mind it dialled up a bit though!

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Nice album and nice textures. Some pieces not dark enough for my taste, but that’s just my opinion. Especially the first two songs are too friendly, like a nice sunny day. But Underbelly is my favorite, this one is great!

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A new EP, this one being (even) less dark. I made this one almost entirely with my hardware rack.


Yep not very dark, but an excellent listen! Were the effects all hardware too, or did you use VCV/plugins for processing? I enjoyed that, cheers.

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Awesome! :heart: (I’m listening Skew track from BC).

Also I’ll give a try concerning the most recent album, Emergence.

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Thanks for checking it out. Almost everything was done in the rack, I think I added some distortion on the last track in Bitwig and there is a bit of EQ and filtering here and there but otherwise all the fx are in my rack. I don’t think I used VCV at all in these ones although I have been using it quite a bit in another batch I’ve got ready - these were the first ones I recorded with my rack so they developed as they were more or less.

@Ohmer Thank you, very much appreciate you giving it a listen!

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New album if anyone wants to have a listen - Diverge | Aconis

This one is the start of trying to release some stuff (i.e. allowing me to be mentally free of them) so they are mostly older tracks.