Accessing the internal modules audio graph

Is there a way for a module to get informations on the global Rack context? Like the list of all running modules, and their connections? (so basically a description of the audio graph). Thanks.

In Rack v2, you can use APP->engine->getModuleIds().

In Rack v1, you can steal the list from the GUI using this nasty hack: APP->scene->rack->moduleContainer. But obviously this won’t work in headless mode.

Thanks. I don’t see any v2 branch here: Is v2 code visible somewhere? Thanks.

It is not public yet.

There are plenty of open source modules that do this. Look at how they do it. Our Seq++ does this to patch connections between itself and clock modules.

Like ClockFinder here ?

That’s what I meant :wink: hope it helps. There’s also a simpler version from the new kitchen-sink here:

Might be easier to read - less intricate details about specific plugins.