Access USB Device

I recently purchased an external controller which interfaces via usb. It is a little box with 10 keys and 2 knobs. You can program these to do all kinds of things. The thing is well built, better than I expected. Anyway, how can I use this in Rack? Selecting a keyboard or mouse doesn’t work and there is no selection for this device. In windows they have latched on to the keyboard hooks. But selecting a keyboard doesn’t work. An ideas? The box is very nice and I can see a lot of uses for it in Rack. Here is one that is similar but has a few more buttons. usb keyboard

The single, one star review:

“Software specified in the user manual does not find the device. after troubleshooting for a while, and trying other softwares as well, i can conclude with that this is a glorified paperweight. will not recommend.”

The first sentence suggests that some driver software is required, which indicates that the device is not USB class compliant.

I’ve midi controllers from novation, akai, m-audio, roland etc, they’re all USB and all work perfectly with rack. Buy a known brand.

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Does your computer recognize it as amidi device or external interface ?

They never claimed that the device was class compliant. Not every device is. Thanks for your help

Have you tried if stoermelder stroke can be of any use with this ?

first, I guess you would want to assign each key some key combinations not allready used by windows - and some keys for the encoder + and -.

Then assign those keys in Stoermelder stroke.

I don’t have the device, but i just installed the drivers (fei_ma K15)? I don’t know for sure they are what you use for your keypad device.

good luck.

Thanks I will try that

That actually worked. The device is recognized by the system as an HID Keyboard. Using MIDI-CAT I am able to map keys from the thing. Stroke also worked. Don’t know what I was doing before that didn’y work but…Reading the reviews some people never got it to do anything while others are very happy. Like said it is very well built. Solid with quality buttons, knobs, etc. Not saying anyoneshould run out andbuy it but it is functional for sure.


surely they must provide a MIDI driver?

No they don’t claim it is a midi device