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Hello VCV rack community,

I am a composer that creates surround vcv patches for my work. The thing is that except quad panners, I can’t find that much modules that can help me for more channels surround configurations (specially octo). I would like to know if theses could exist or if someone is working on that type of project.

Cheers from france.

Why not just build some from regular stereo mixers? Something like Quantal Audio’s “DC2” (which also lets you daisy-chain up to 16 of them).

Use CVs from Submarine’s PO-102 to spin them in circles, if that’s your plan.

You could obtain more gimmicky results with Geodesic’s Pulsars for the CVs

have you try quad panner on speakers?

Thank you so much for answering ! Yes I do explored this option with Black Octa source by Erica Synths and a basic mixer but what I am really looking for is a mono to 8 (or more) panner with an X-Y CV control like the Quad Panner by KIlpatrick Audio. And yes this is for a multichannel speaker configuration with 8 (or more) physical outputs. Cheers !

Maybe take a look at VCV Sound Stage:

You could use 2 modules, one with microphones set at the middle of the walls and one with microphones set in the corners, that makes 8 microphones in total. Maybe all quad-panners could be used this way, but I’m not sure.

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There is also this one from Stoermelder

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