Ableton stopped showing VCV Rrack 2 FX after updating to version 2.1.2

Hello everyone,

I have recently updated to the newest vcv pro version and upon opening Ableton, my existing projects are sending me a notification saying that VCV Rack 2 FX plugin cannot be found. I have tried re-scanning my plugin folder, but nothing shows within the plugin page. Any idea what the issue might be?

Thank you!

Does it help if you do Full Rescan - hold down the Alt key when pressing the Rescan button?

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I’m afraid not :frowning:

Please attempt the following:

Remove the two VCV VSTs from your VST directory.

Open Ableton Live and force-rescan by holding Alt/Option while clicking rescan plugins.

Quit Ableton Live

Re-install VCV Rack 2.1.2

Re-open Ableton Live and you should be good to go.

If you’re not can you please email

Will try to do so! Will this keep my patches made in the vst version or will I have to build from scratch?

It won’t affect saved files at all unless you delete them from your user folder. The VST files themselves don’t contain your patches.

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Because Live only allows a single vst2 plug-in folder, make sure the rack dll’s are located there. In my setup, I use a custom folder that nothing automatically installs to and each time I install a vst2 effect I have to manually copy over.

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That’s not quite right. You can specify a main folder and a custom folder. In this instance creating a custom folder also solves the original poster’s issue, but ends up meaning you need to add a click for every plug-in you want to add because instead of clicking Plugins and then the plug-in you’re after, you have to click Local or Custom in between.

You’re right. I’ve been using the custom folder for so long I forgot that there is a single main. The issue I always had with VST2’s were that they don’t always install into a common folder, and it was just easier to keep one single custom folder for Ableton.

@agent64 All good, and yeah the installation process of VST plugins can be a bit frustrating.

Thx for the alt key hint. This helped me to solve my issue: After installing Rack 2.1.2 Pro, only the vst2 ‘VCV Rack 2 FX’ showed up in my ableton plugin window. The '‘VCV Rack 2’ seemed to be absent. Now, after removing the vst files fro the vst folder (1), reinstalling Rack (2) and pressing the alt key with ‘rescan’ (3) everything is in place now. :pray: :+1:

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