Ableton Midi tracks to Rack 2 Pro, Rack only working on 1 channel

Hope this support request is in the right place. W11, Ableton Suite 11, Rack 2 Pro, all up to date.

I’m trying to send multiple midi tracks into a single instance of Rack2 Pro in Ableton.

  • In Rack2 I have put x2 MIDI>CV modules. Settings are DAW, DAW, Channel 1 for the first module, Channel 2 for the second.
  • In Ableton I have added two midi tracks. I’ve set them to Midi to: VCV Rack. In the dropdown box below Midi to, there is another drop down to select the channel number.

In the Ableton midi track, having selected VCV Rack as the Midi-to, I am only presented with one channel, rather than many channels. Because of this I cannot receive midi into rack from more than one channel.

Is this a limitation of Rack, do I need to rtfm, or is something else happening. I’d appreciate any help or support.

Many thanks, Joel

At work we made a mailing list called “DL-somebody should”. The joke was that it was a bit-bucket - no one ever subscribed to reading it :wink:

Anyway, “somebody should” make a wiki with dedicated topics for each of the DAWs.

To answer your question, no, this forum is not the right place for technical support - that’s via email. But you will probably get some answers from other users here. Would be more likely if the topic were changed to something like “Please help me get MIDI working with VCV Pro in Ableton”.

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Shows up fine for me - same specs as you

I’m using the VST2, are you?



And to answer your question:

Ableton haven’t commited to change that (yet). People have been asking for years.

max4live scripts, that try to work around the limitation for some use cases.

PolyMind version 2.1 by nezzyidy on

I have the same issue with Studio one. VST2 accepts multiple input midi channels, but VST3 only accepts one. I thought it was only a Studio One issue? But VST2 works fine for me, I still don’t quite understand the difference.

No, I’m using the VST3