Ableton Live 12

Hello, I’m not sure how many users here are beta testers on Live 12, like me but I’ve been having some hiccups. It’s mostly with the search module function. When I load a FX VCV in Ableton, I can search for a module but then, it will be impossible to erase the text (unless resetting the search). Any keys pressed at this point is ignored in VCV. I reported the bug but was curious to know if anyone else is experiencing that.

I’m on an Intel Mac running Sonoma, and I haven’t experienced any problems here.

Are you on Windows or macOS? What OS version? If macOS, which architecture, Intel or M-something? Also, which version of the VCV plug-in: VST, VST3 or AUv2?

I’m on mac, with ARM. Good to know you don’t have problems. It’s clearly in Ableton’s tasks to fix.