Ableton Live 12 Discussion thread...

I had my Ableton Live Library hard drive crap out on the DAY I installed Ableton Live 12. So I’m reinstalling all the factory content packs – downloading them and installing them.

I’ll let you know how it works with Rack Pro, if it ever gets done installing a half a terabyte of Ableton sounds.

I understand that 12 and VCV are currently incompatible, because 12 will not allow vsts with subdirectories. Lemme know if that is true or not true. I hear it will only crash currently and not open VCV.


I’m dealing with a hard drive failure rn so my main studio box is wedged. I can say that I highly doubt this. I verified that rack pro vst3 loads fine on my laptop with Ableton Live 12


Hey, good luck with your problem. I thought you were a Bitwig-guy… Are you using both? Cheers, dDom

Hi, VCV rack Pro and Ableton 12 work perfectly on my laptop (Win11)

VCV Vst3’s seems to work fine on Windows 11 + Ableton 12

(Love the browser - Would like something like this in VCV)

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