Ableton Live 11.2.6 on M1 Monterey + VCV 2.2 AU = "Lost the Connection ..."

While I’ve been happily Bitwigging on my M1 Mac Book Air on Monterey with VCV Rack Pro VST, I was excited to learn that VCV 2.20 now gives us a VCV AU plugin. This means I can return to my heartland DAW, Ableton Live, on my M1 Mac since it only provides non-ARM compiled hosting for AU plugins.

Every time I attempt to instantiate VCV Rack, I get a “Lost the connection to the Audio Unit v2 plug-in. Please save your work and reload the Set” error message.

I haven’t tried IT Crowd’s turning it off and on again as my first line troubleshooting but I suspect it won’t make a difference. Is anybody else having the same issue?



Yep same here. It has to do with Ableton Live.

A note from the system requirements page:

“The Rack x64 Audio Unit plugin does not load in ARM DAWs such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and GarageBand without using Rosetta.”

You could download the ARM beta but well, it’s a beta and afaik there are no arm modules on the library yet.


That’s correct. It’s a BETA for developers only, not regular users, to test compile their plugins against an ARM version of Rack, on Apple Silicon, to see if it works, get feedback and prepare for an eventual release of Rack on ARM with all plugins working in the library. So for regular users: Don’t use it or report problems with it, it’s only for developers and/or deeply technical people.

Quoting from Rack development blog - #85 by Vortico :

Builds of Rack for Mac ARM are available for developers to build and test their plugins on Mac ARM. This is in “beta” stage, so some features or plugin adapters might not work correctly.

I’m having the same issue on Live 10/11, as well as Maschine 2. The AU is not usable at all.