Ableton-like synchronization

Hi guys! I’m pretty new with the VCV. I’m trying to create a live performance environment to use with my singer. I want to sync some synth riff with drum loops i create with other programs. So far my “template” is something like this:

The drum loops are 180 BPM so the stay in sync. I use lots of phrase-seq-16 for notes CV and create verse/choruses, so the main concern is to sync a phrase-seq with a musical box, then throw in lots of them. The S&H module makes sure the sequences are switched at the end of the beat or at the end of the riff.

So far it works pretty well but there are a couple of problems. The main concern is that the musicalbox cannot reset the loops in gate mode, so it’s not easy to sync everything when a drum loop starts at the wrong moment. It would be probably better to launch the drum loops with triggers, but for me is not easy to activate/deactivate loops with triggers. Also, the drum loops have different length, so i’ll have to send, say, 1/16 of the clock in one loop, and 1/32 in another. A solution is to make drum loops of the same length and switch the clock, but i will lose some articulation.

Am i missing something? Are there better modules to achieve what i’m looking for? Thanks everyone and excuse the bad english!!!

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Check stoermelder 8face and its right click port slot mode ARM. In this case your 8face presets would work like run triggers in Ableton live session mode and this trigger would be waiting for the clock. And then will be immediately switched.


YES!!! Thank you very much, the 8face nailed it. I adjusted a couple of things: i switched to the player from cf because more simple and compact, i throw away the clock dividers because they didn’t work as i expected, but this solution definitly nailed it very well. I rewired the big button for a reset/run routine. I also kept the scale for the phrase-seq so i can use one 8face to control mutiple phrase.

I think this solution is also more compact and more CPU efficient i think. Thank you very much!!!


Hey there. So as I understand correctly, when you change tempo the loops stay in sync?

I really need to find a solution to keep loops in sync while changing the BPM. Without having to slice every loop manually.

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Do you mean samples (wav files)?

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Yes. Like a SampledLoop. Now I use the Sampler as a clock to change the BPM by it’s speed and use EOC to trigger the main clock. But then I can only sync one sampled loop to the patch

I think there is better way in VCV Rack to do a clock from a loop instead. Check my instagram tutorial post on doing that -

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Ah Instagram haha, missed that one! I am your Patreon, so I can find the patch on your page then. Will give this a go instantly!


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thanks for supporting me :wink:

I sort of do the same, the problem is that Simplicitor is now the BPM clock right? But what if you want to play a few Sample Loops and keep them synced to the changing BPM?

So Samples of different lengths etc. I have a controller changing the BPM and with some offset and scaling I can change the speed of the sample so it syncs, but that is a very tedious solution. And after a higher BPM the sync doesn’t follow anymore

This is sort of current disadvantage of VCV Rack over Ableton for example. Ableton has a warp algorithm in the internal sampler\audio clip (actually the same), so when it’s warped to the main clock it fully slave by it. VCV sampler don’t have warped enginge yet in the samplers, so even we can find a way of syncronize lot of samplers we will definately lost our pitches. So that’s why I did vice versa solution for this. Linking other samplers should be possible via Phase output of both Simpliciter and ZZC clock because it has information about clock and can be applied to time solution like in sampler

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Thanks a lot for your input! We basically need a sampler with a clock input. Will make it running like a clock with your tips. THX!

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Are you guys figuring that when the clock speed changes the pitch will change? Or are you assuming some kind of pitch/time warping such that the tempo changes but the pitch stays the same?

yeah, true. Since I grew up with Ableton I just can’t really work with Samplers in VCV freely just because of lacking time warping

I don’t mind if the pitch changes. Off course I can slice already the loops or use a vst to do that. Kontakt Beatmaster does it on the fly. But I am having strange crashes on my Apple M1 with using VST’s. Simplicitor just has no audio sometimes