Ableton CPU Problem...

hi, my Ableton CPU usage is fluctuating af but the overall computer usage isn’t that high and I only used Ableton for a few automation.

I’ll upload some screenshots.

could anybody tell me it is normal or not? plz help me if it isn’t normal…

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 21.12.58

do you have problems with the sound?

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welcome to the community!:slight_smile: that’s more question, anyway, if you experience hot and loudly macbook this is normal with this setup.

i recommend you lowering ableton framerate to 15 from options.txt as described in the link (


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yes it crackles a lot

thanks for your reply but actually, i dont have any problems when loading other heavy Ableton project not connected with Rack. I’m experiencing this only when loading this particular project that i screenshot.

here’s my project screenshot and video of fluctuating ableton cpu

if you have not problems with other patches , try to debug the patch deleting and adding modules to find the cause of the overloading process

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Thanks a lot, David. I’ll try for it.

And i think i didn’t explain enough… sorry. This is my first time arranging a song using Ableton and VCV bridge, so I don’t have any other Ableton projects connected with VCV to compare.

Im wondering if fluctuating Ableton cpu pannel like the video on the link is normal or not when I used that number of modules, wire and automation on Ableton.

could you give me an answer for this :sob: :sob:

it can be caused for the vcv bridge actually, which is deprecated.

try to run the patch and the live but delete the bridge just for discard if is produced by this

I m not mac specialist but could be better connect the rack and live using something like Soundflower or loopback (?)

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Hey man, Yeah Im having the same issue, just switched to pc and have a bit stronger setup, using veeseevst (vcv rack vst for windows ) and its fine but if my cpu reach 70-80% which is easy in just 6 channels, my cpu start to crack, actually I think its a soundcard thats giving me spikes. I have motu sc and its often said that there are spikes and cracks with them. Vcv still isnt properly built around for proper modulation i giess. Wait what v2 will say, hope for good

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Also wondering, if anyone knows, Im not so much into expertism , but since I dont have gpu card, would that might of sort a problem of high cpu usage? And maybe ram? I have 16gigs of ram

reduce your frame rate to 15 and see if it fix (or reduce ) your issues (menu/view/frame rate)

Did it already