Ableton 10 crash when loading projects / Mac

Ableton 10 Suite crashes when opening a project with a VCV rack 2 vst (2.1.2). I’m on a Mac mini 2018 running Catalina 10.15.7. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Does it matter which modules are in the patch? For sure some modules crash when loaded in VCV-VST. Or at least this was a problem at one time.

Somewhat yeah. it’s really weird. It seems like some modules are fine on their own, but together in a patch/saved project it wont let me open it. It’s going to be impossible to use rack if its gonna be a minefield everytime I add a module.

I’m not sure what is causing this crash, but with thousands of modules from hundreds of developers there are going to be some that are buggy. Unfortunately the rack culture is such that it is considered bad form to say bad things about any modules.

Yeah I guess you’re right. Best way is probably to use it like in VCV 1, “bridging” it to ableton as an external instrument. Overall I think most modules are well written, especially Squinky ones! I’ll put every through booty shifter

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It seems like most ppl have good results with the VST.

The vast majority of modules are fine in the VST. It might be worth deleting all your plugins and redownloading them again - I’ve heard doing this has helped some people.

Otherwise it can be a case of slowly removing modules from a problem patch until you find the culprit. If you do find the problem, please make sure to let the developer know so they can hopefully fix it.

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If a module crashes, reporting that fact or asking here whether other people are seeing the same problem would not be considered “bad form” by any module developer that I’ve ever had anything to do with.

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True. I’m never sure what the definition of “Constructive feedback” is.

Bad feedback: “Shiznat! Your Stuff Svx0rz” Good feedback: I observed behavior X, here’s the log file, your plugin may be involved.

It’s really not that hard to share the same information in a tactful polite fashion. Not that I’m accusing anyone of being salty.

If you have a very specific, repeatable problem, and you email Rack support, they will do their best to get to it.

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Solved - just noticed the main offender in the crash log. A bypassed beta module in the far rows. Guess it’s best to savetest any new unoficiall module pack to see if it checks out.