Aaron Static Diatonic CV Clipping

So I’ve got Diatonic CV going into the v/oct of Vessek, while an LFO is modulating the chord type (of Diatonic).

My issue right now is that there is an audible clip whenever the chord type change means more (or less) poly channels than the previous Chord. I thought I might be able to use a slew limiter for that, but as far as I see it, that’s not possible because the poly channels don’t go from 0 to whatever value, they appear and disappear according to chord type.

Maybe I’m overlooking something…Help would be much appreciated :pray:

Maybe a compressor ?

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Thanks for the fast response, compressing didn’t do the trick, but now the slew limiters actually do! I don’t really know why it didn’t work before I split the poly signal and only let the two dis- and reappearing channels through the limiter, but now, no clipping when those come in. Next time I’m gonna give myself more time to try before posting here haha. Maybe it helps others though^^

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