A way to type in 6 note chords as note text (C4 D4 etc).

Is there a way to simply type in notes as text and create a spreadsheet type of list of chords of 6 or more notes. And then have a stack of these separate chords that can be recalled using CV. Kind of how 4 hands work. Only instead of voltage numbes I wish I could just type in a note. Maybe I’m way off base to think this is doable but it would be nice. Any ideas from you smart people?

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Maybe multiple instances of frames and you just type in the notes there.


I don’t know if this does what you want but it will let you type in notes:

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You can also type note names into any parameter input box and it will automatically cover to one volt per octave. You can try it with the fundamental Sequencer. And just use two in parallel to get your 6 notes per chord.

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“Parse all note names from c0 to b9 and accidentals like c# and eb in parameter entry field.”

From the rack changelog.

VCV SEQ3 seems to be bugged though, c1 gives 10V. I will file a bug report.