A way to remove read notifications from the menu?

I know that you can mark all as read. But is there a way to mark notifications so what you have read is not shown in the notifications menu when you click on you profile picture in the sticky header. This only holds 17 or so notifications (or lines). You have to click on the arrow at the bottom to go to all notifications and see the ones that are not yet read or did make it onto the notification list in the profile picture menu.

Pressing dismiss all in the notifications area on your profile only seems to mark all as read but it does not clear the notifications menu. It would be nice if Discourse removed those notifications after being clicked on or clear the menu on the stick header (profile picture).

What notifications do you mean exactly? Maybe a screenshot would help? If you’re talking about forum replies, you can turn off watching with this menu.


Yes of course sorry… These ones

The arrow at the the bottom is the only way to get to other unread notifications. Which I have all read at this stage. But the recent notifications are still here. This is not the issue but when you have more notifications that can fit onto the above screenshot you may miss something unless you go to the profile page and look at all there.

Oh yeah, not sure. Would be a good feature request for https://meta.discourse.org/

Note that Facebook also doesn’t have this feature.

Hmm, I’ll hold off on that FR on meta, learning Ruby is on the todo list :wink:

Go to your profile by clicking on “Coirt” in your picture, use the shortcut “g, p” or URL https://community.vcvrack.com/u/Coirt/ and there you will find the “Notifications” button on top, where you can read every single one ever, plus the “Dismiss All” button to make them go away :slight_smile:

Pro tip: See all defined keyboard shortcuts in the system by hitting “?” on your keyboard on any page. They’re very useful and I use them all the time.


Dismissing them won’t remove them from the menu. I don’t want to dismiss the ones I haven’t read, I was looking for a way to remove the ones I have read so the older notifications get bumped to the bottom of the list, I want to see them in the menu pictured above! :smiley:

I know about the shortcuts thanks though, the “?” is a little misleading in that shortcut menu, should also mention shift you can only make a question mark with “shift + /” on most keyboards.

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