A VCV Rack MPE VST3 Host-xl problem to solve

I need to find a way to use a VST3 MPE plugin and MPE Keyboard in VCV Rack. I’m trying to get it to work using the MIDI poly+MPE by MoDllz and host with host-xl extension to load the VST3. It’s kinda working but the MPE stuff doesn’t seem to reach the VST3 plugin (Plasmonic) in VCV host. No pitch bend or CC74 or per note channel pressure. Does someone have this working and can send me an example on how to set this up correctly?

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To be clear, I can get MIDI poly+MPE to work when I use it to control VCV Rack parameters and oscillators, just can’t get it to work as expected when I use it with a VST MPE plugin in VCV Host.

I wrote VCV Rack support and they responded saying that they will look into adding this feature in the future! yay!


Has there been any development here? Host and Host XL still don’t support MPE. Rack and Rack VST would be (in my use case, at least) INFINITELY more useful if it did.

Imagine processing an MPE datastream: processing the pitches, cc74 and pressure in VCV before it goes to the MPE supporting VST. I can imagine polyphonic/random-seeded pitch LFOs, complex attenuation of these values, etc. It would be amazing.

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