A Thank You to Andrew Belt, all the developers and the community

I’d like to thank Andrew Belt, all the developers and the community (so, basically everyone, except me) for the dedication and effort that has been put into VCV Rack. I used it for awhile in 2017, but didn’t come back until 2020. It’s absolutely amazing how much it’s transformed over the last few years. I remember looking through Keyboard magazine’s synth ads in the 1970’s and saying “yeah, I’ll never be able to afford that”. Now, everyone has a free modular synth! This was especially needed in 2020. Thanks again and… Best wishes for everyone in 2021!


I second all those feelings of gratitude to everyone on this forum, I have come so far due to all the participants in this community. Omri Cohen has to get a special mention for all his wonderful tutorials. All the best for Christmas and a better New Year to you all


+1 for this! I first downloaded rack in 2018 and I’m amazed what I can do with it now. I mainly use it as a modular guitar effects system, which is something I wanted about 25 years ago and thought I’d never get. Infinite possibilities for sound design, plus I can add VST plugins, new synth modules all the time and in the unlikely event I get bored of all that, I can now knock up my own FX in Pure Data and feed that into everything else too. Mind blowing.


Bumping… what a nice uplifting post, cheers to you @Worker_13! :clinking_glasses:


Yes! I couldn’t believe it when I found it this year. “Stunning” was my first post here and I still think that.

I don’t know if you’ve read Andew’s mission statement https://vcvrack.com/manual/About Seems like mission accomplished. He and the community have done a very good thing.

“…the modular synthesizer is possibly the most excluding instrument on the planet…”

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I just bought the beginners course from Omri. Excellent learning materials.

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