A strange behaviour with mouse pointer software

Hello, maybe I choose a wrong topic but…
So here is the behaviour. Look at this gif, that happens with all software that I tried to use for windows (Camtasia tools works similar) - https://ibb.co/NpGcmhZ
And here is how this works with Ableton for example - https://ibb.co/XCrxPHj
Why I’m asking for it…many users ask me to add the mouse pointer to my tutorials but this is pointless idea while Rack behaviour like that. Is there a way to improve that? Or anybody knows how to achieve a normal behavior by playing with Windows settings?
Disable “LOCK cursor while dragging” doesn’t work for me - I should make tooo long moving with my mouse to adjust any knob.

Oh, this is interesting. I suspect this might be the same issue described here:

I hope Andrew can resolve this one soon. It makes Rack semi-unusable and turning off “lock the cursor” is not much of an workaround for controls that are near the edge of the screen.

Is this a Windows-only problem?


I think it has to put the cursor to the centre of the screen, otherwise you would have limited control when the cursor is unlocked. If you were to adjust a knob located near the bottom/top of the screen you would not be able to go past the screen boundaries.

There is a setting in windows to ping the mouse when you press CTRL, mouse > pointer options. But this will exhibited the same behaviour as the gif once you are unlocked, the mouse/ping will be placed centre screen.