A Physical Case for VCV + Controllers

For live performance I could really benefit from some kind of case that holds a laptop and midi controllers with all the cables plugged in and ready to go. Setting up from components on stage is often tricky and a source of stress!

Has anyone made or bought such a thing? If so I would be interesting in hearing all about it :slight_smile:

Just FYI, this might be an alternative next year


Thanks, that’s fascinating. The kind of thing that might entice me into eurorack. I keep putting it off, for the all obvious reasons :slight_smile:

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Do you mean something like mudjakub’s MidiLar but with a laptop/monitor in a single portable case?

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Yes, exactly that kind of thing. I use the less beautiful but very functional akai midi mix which has many knobs. The issue is the same: constructing a setup by plugging things in on stage can be a problem.

Wouldn’t be difficult to build.

Exact dimensions and design would depend entirely on what you want to put into it, their arrangement and dimensions, where the plugs are, and what kinds of room is needed for the plugs and cabling. Hard to make something generic.

I’m thinking a wooden tray lined with foam like any packing case. Probably with a removable lid leaving just the tray on stage. Some means for affixing to a stand. A fancy one could have external plugs on the back for external connections and power. Heat management must be considered whenever you put electronics in a box.

Anyway, you can go a long way to make this situation easier by labelling and bundling your cables. There are products made for cable labelling, but a sharpie and tape or stick-on address labels work fine. Bundle with zip ties. Label your ports or write down the connections on a card, so you don’t have to think when setting up.


a well sized flight case, kinda pedalboard style? a wooden platform on which you place the laptop, et voilà

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That’s my thinking too, just finding one is the issue. The ones for pedal boards are typically way too small for laptop, knobs and little keyboard

Not everyone’s construction skills are the same! :slight_smile:

Good tip about labelling, thank you. I came across a fun one the other week: I have different colour cables as attempt at this kind of thing, but they had the purpley stage lights on while setting up and all the colours looked identical. D’Oh.

(Why is purple the colour of electronic music?)

All the other colors were taken.

I didn’t say you have to build it :wink: Anyone who builds furniture or custom guitar cases could handle it.

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DJ Cases might fit your needs.

Some have a sliding platform/shelf for a laptop.


Thanks, they are worth exploring. Although, weight: 17kg :flushed: :sweat: I’m a weedy electronic musician not a drummer. Actually I am a drummer and not really built for that either.

Time to give all this up and learn the flute

Right! Ok, I’ll see if I can find one of them. Really I was hoping that someone here had already blazed the trail and I could shameless copy.

It sounds like you’re trying to design for two different conditions, which simply calls for more thought.

  1. A travel case optimized for rough handling. Lotsa internal padding and no exposed delicate parts (like connector jacks etc.)

  2. A convenient arrangement of pre-connected components. Any padding used must not cover any vents.

I suppose if you made something like a tray with the gear attached to it that you lift out and leave the padding in the case, that would work.

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