A new one uploading music


this is my take on micro-house/ romanian minimal attempt with VCV Rack… It has very few changes, but it’s constant, with some come and go of the drums that feels good

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This is Harmonic Oscilator right? it was nice to feed the harmonics with the triggers of the sequencers I was using to shot drum samples…nice melodic rythms


I can listen to this all day long! Beautiful work! Keep them coming.

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Our Chebyshev VCO does a lot of these harmonic oscillator tricks. It’s free and uses very little cpu.


Nice! Not a genre I really like, but I did like your minimalist take on it; really like the slightly hypnotic aspect of it. I’m interested…

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So, nice words from Tomara (love ur bird patch) and acute perception of Lars, and a like from Down_of_hares that I really much appreciate Another one using 3 Chebyshev, they are really nice indeed (wish i could lower the volume of that constant freq)


I’m enjoying your work but I’m curious as to what micro-house is? I mean, I like it it but does it have a specific meaning?

its a house and techno subgenre, percussive as all dance but more wonky…no need to have big sounds, aiming for a more constant history. Long tracks for the DJ. Main name is Ricardo Villalobos

Like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0i1Szq6GM8&list=RDEM9iuCWKt0kyUcJJCpi-0vIw&start_radio=1

enjoying little sound

the romanians blend classical with bubbling grooves

its a very bucolic approach to dance music


Cool sounds on this track. Had to wait a while for the “classical” part, but it adds a nice touch.

Oh yeah! So beautiful. Keep at it, this is amazing. The dance floor (in my head) is on fire!

love ur bird patch

Wow! Thank you!

Nice! Very interesting… Reminds me of many elements of the great sound track to the movie “Contagion”, by the brilliant “Cliff Martinez”. Let me show you what I mean:

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Hi, made a new one on VCV, only sampled sound sources, inspired by what I believe is the way Ricardo Villalobos work on some of his tracks.


Hey, this is nice! I think Romanian Techno pulls off this weird thing, where it’s playful/funky and dry/restricted at the same time and this is that :slight_smile:

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Hello i really like something you created. I am a huge fan of RV. Is there a chance to see your vcvrack project from this track?

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I still think of him as the drummer from “The Weirdos”. I think that makes me old.

Hey Martin! Thanks for the interest, I uploaded some files here, and a Txt, hope it helps :slight_smile:

Here is a simple version to better understanding