A module to measure jitter?

An ongoing discussion about various methods of syncing clocks between VCV and different hardware and software got me curious about methods for accurately measuring jitter in a clock signal. I did a search for VST solutions but was unable to find anything except one piece of particularly expensive software (I’m assuming this is expensive, because rather than listing price they offer the opportunity to receive a quote and I didn’t bother making an account in order to that).

Is there anything already available for VCV in order to do this?

Haha, I’ve never heard of a butterworth filter before. I was hoping it would be smooth and creamy like Mrs. Buttersworth, but it is just the last name of the dude who created it.

MLA - MIDI Latency Analyser V2


This looks nice for MIDI, but I’m thinking of something that would work with audio/CV clocks.

Relatedly, Innerclock Systems has published a list of the measured audio-clock jitter (and MIDI clock jitter) from a large variety of synths and drum machines:

I don’t see anything about their methodology, though.