A module that sends triggers to alternating outputs?

I’m sure there must be a module that does this but can’t think what it is…

Looking for a module that will take a stream of triggers (like from a clock) and send each trigger to alternate outputs. So first trigger comes out of output A, second out of output B, third out of A, fourth out of B and so on.

In other words, like a bernoulli gate but without the probability/coin toss.

Any ideas?

Use the bernoulli gate but switch it to toggle (right click) and turn the knob all the way to the right.


nysthi::bivio alternate from current mode on (and probability to max)

or nysthi::thecage in one to many mode and set you last stage to 2


Thanks Guys - always wondered what the latch on the bernoulli gate was for haha :slight_smile:

Ended up doing it Count Modula Chances as its a little less hp.

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