A little Touch Screen helper for VCV Rack :)

Here a video to show what I finally release very soon, Armadillo touch software for VCV Rack.
This little tool is a helper to provide some basic control using a touch screen.
The main purpose of this tool is act as a helper of any hardware controller.
Due the nature of software modular synth, there is no way to map ALL external hardware MIDI controller knobs or sliders to all knobs, sliders, controls etc.
Armadillo act as a helper to scroll rack with a touchscreen and also provide control of any knobs or slider in near to instant way, I create this tool as a helper for VCV Rack on live gigs, but of course can be used at studio, the idea is provide instant control to knobs or sliders not are MIDI mapped to a hardware controller.
I already use this tool for few months live with no major problems, just some little bugs to be addressed (working on that now).
There is no MAC support, sorry, I have on plans months ago support MAC and Linux, but really sorry I decide focus on my MS Windows projects only. Please apologize.
I delay the release of this tool many times, duet I stay very busy working in other projects but now after lot of test and usage, I think is time to rework a little more the software and launch soon.
This is a project require a MS windows 10, Armadillo software, and an a cheap Arduino board.
No Arduino coding needed, no soldering, no coding knowledge, no Arduino IDE install.
I already try to make the Arduino board not necessary but VCV Rack handle the mouse in a very different way of other software, I try contact to Andrew soon and provide a demo version in order to see if he can figured out why that happen.
Here the video, is really older video I said things like “this is the first tool I plan release trough https://hi.computer”, but all change months ago, other tools released and no release of Armadillo yet, but that change soon…
I post more info soon on this topic.


Good to see you’re still working on that tool!
You might want to know that Rack 1.0 is coming very soon, and has midi mapping.
So you might want to change your future story a little bit :wink:
Looking forward to new videos!

Hi Eurikon! thanks for your words.
Anyway let me explain again, this not is only about MIDI mapping, you can use in current version MIDI to CV, and map VCV to your external controller/s what is what I do now, with VCV 1 that be more easy and save lot of patching tasks, but again that not solve the issue of controllerism over VCV Rack…on physical modular user have physical knobs, switch, buttons etc and access to all, on software modular no, and you need a mountain of external MIDI controllers for map a complex rack what not is practical lol if want do that, then go for physical Modular :slight_smile: . As I said Armadillo is a helper, a companion of a external MIDI controller for access to all what you not map, because there is no way to map a large rack to a external controller…but…
About VCV 1, I think Andrew should add a new feature MAIN MIDI CONTROL, basically a feature when you touch or mouse hover any knob, and MAIN MIDI CONTROL is enabled on VCV, MIDI sent by that unique MIDI knob encoder on your “hardware MIDI controller” take control of slider and knob what is selected (muse hover or touch pointed, what basically is the same), in that way act as Armadillo, you can leave one encoder of your current external MIDI controller for access in instant way to any knob with mouse or touch screen as pointer. Also use Surface Dial with my software Elephant and for sure I can add MIDI to Armadillo. All options are open.
If Andrew no want implement this idea of MAIN MIDI CONTROL, Armadillo is a option, Elephant software is a option, and also if he decide implement, Elephant is a option, Armadillo can continue as a option for touchscreen users.

Just ideas, ability of physical control over a music software… from my point of view is important for live gigs and studio, specially on a software modular.

Not sure what you mean in your description of “main MIDI control”

HI again Andrew!
main MIDI control is just a name I choose for explain that feature and provide some name to that feature, just that.

Probably that name cause confusion anyway idea like that …after rethink represent inconsistent behaviour duet VCV support VSTs, and there is now way to achieve that instant controls on a VST,…please just ignore this idea suggestion, a feature work without VSTs, only I think after all is a bad idea, anyway Andrew if want know more, just let me know.

Armadillo not have that problem and can control any objects pointed with the mouse or touch screen, same for Elephant, any VST, etc etc
Well just an idea mixed here on this post of Armadillo.

Anyway I back soon with Armadillo release news, and asap I can I sent to you Andrew a beta version of Armadillo. Andrew, you own a touch screen?

Congratulations !! the forum is just super good! :slight_smile: