A favorites section of the module picker?

I know the topic of library bloat has been brought up before, and that pruning selections you don’t use is a good practice, but would it be possible to add favoriting functionality to the module selection? There are certain modules I use a lot, either because they produce the sound I like, or because they do the specific job I want without taking up extra space. Sometimes navigating to them can be a chore even if I remember the names, because my library is full enough to take a second to perform any search.


are options till V2 is ready

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@VCVRackIdeas has videos showing both these modules in use:

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I don’t think there will ever be a Favorites feature again.

But as mentioned the MB module has this features as well hiding modules.

Yeah, just drop an instance of MB onto your rack and you get favourites, zoomed previews, sorting by most used etc.

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