A couple (literally) of new patches

Hello there and friendly greetings! I made two new things. One of them is a loving tribute to Squinky Labs Three Organs!

kümme minutit uskumatult hämmastavat tumedat orelitrummi!

Lieben Sie nicht auch den phrygischen Modus?


Mahtava! Tosi kiva!

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Wait, is that Estonian?

It would seem to be.

In my intention it would have been finnish… How come to be estonian??? :laughing:

helvetin google kääntäjä… :expressionless:

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I’m not a native Finnish speaker and I have been fooled by Estonian before. I understood your title immediately but then I was like wait a minute… haha. Great patches, btw!

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Thank you so much! :smiley:

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