A clone of Maths

Is there a clone of maths or a replacement similar?

Check out Befaco’s Rampage module. It’s not one for one, but they share a lot of the same functionality. Some people prefer Rampage over Maths for what it’s worth.


This is the way in VCV, add the A*B+C and you have the maths mixer/multiplier section.


There is also the paid plugin Graphs for VCV Rack 2.0.


Will not port to official library, make noise has furious litigious anger over the maths clone.

TBD, but plenty of Eurorack makers are now into software in some way including many in VCV.

well, a few are with some “loss leaders” to try and sell hardware. But they are the exception, and will remain so, I would think.

Interesting. What doesn’t really work for you exactly? I don’t experience any issues with either Graphs (v2.0.1) or Spikes (v2.0.2) in VCV Rack Free 2.4.1.

I added Rampage and A*B+C. Thanks

I will say, the one thing that isn’t easy to recreate is the 4-input “OR” function of maths which outputs the highest value of the four mixer channels.