A/B Switch?

Does the following module exist?

Gate A: switch goes high Gate B: switch goes low

I don’t know of a specific device. There probably is, and someone will surely shout out if they know it.

But you could configure one with a Submarine DO-105. You’d need to select an SR-FLIPFLOP into the device. It has an output which goes high whenever input 1 goes high, and then goes low when input 2 goes high.

a module I use is Bogaudio SWITCH

I use that too but I think the idea is to have 2 gates (as inputs in the module), A and B, and have them select which state the switch is in. It’s probably something you could easily rig up though.

edit: clarification

Thanks, and yes @dag2099 you got it. I might just have to start making modules…

also thank you @carbon14 for your suggestion, I will try it out. I haven’t used your modules yet but they look amazing!

I should also have said that one reason I would like this module is to start/stop a VCV clock using external midi play/stop buttons (which send gates from VCV’s MIDI/CV module)

You know, I bet there is a switch that does what you want but I can’t find it. Have you looked at Stoermelder MIDICat? It might be exactly what you’re after.

probably you need just the edge of gates so you can translate gates to trigs put a trig merger after the 2 translated trigs and use the unique trig to drive any multiple exit switch from many developers

I have nysthi::thecage and nysthi::bivio (if you set probabilities at MAX)

ok, understood…I already use this solution

first module…you know it

second one is µMAP from stoermelder

third one is TRIGGERS MK1 from AS

you don’t need the fourth, but you can try it just to be sure it works like you wish, it’s from Alikins

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I just looked at Bivio when i was answering this but i thought it would only take one trigger. And I’m using the Cage for something right now (I have 2 of them).

yes, that’s because I was suggesting the chain a) gates translated to trigs b) trigs merged in triggatemerger c) out of the merger to bivio or thecage

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Why not just use MIDI-GATE then?

@ale47p that will work, thanks! the only thing is if you hit start again it stops for example. I’m hoping I can find a solution where I can hit start (play) again and it just keeps playing.

@stoermelder, I don’t think that will work, but I need to be more specific about my original use case. I adore your modules btw, thank you!!!

I have an Elekton Model:Samples (M:S) which I use together with VCV Rack so I want to sync their clocks via MIDI clock. The M:S has a transport section, when using it with VCV MIDI-CV it sends gate out from the start and stop outputs. When using a clock in VCV (like ZZC or CLOCKED), I want to toggle the run control. Push play > run. Push play again > nothing happens, push stop > stop, push stop again > nothing.

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Try SR Flip Flop from Count Modula, this should work exactly this way…

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Thanks @stoermelder, that is exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as I expected as “run” inputs on clocks expect a trigger to start/stop (not a high voltage as I first thought).

Ok, would that work with a unity mixer which simply „merges“ the triggers for start and stop?

Quite a few flip-flop modules in the library: https://library.vcvrack.com/?query=flip-flop

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This works perfectly:

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The ZZC Clock also has an option in the right-click menu to change Run Input Mode from “Toggle” to “Hold”.


@delexander thank you! didn’t realize what that meant until now. works great.

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