909 Style Clap Synthesis.

Hi Everyone

I’m trying to create a 909 style clap in VCV. In a VST like Serum it’s fairly easy to use a noise oscillator and a multi stage envelope but I’m at a loss to create something similar in VCV (as in something with multiple transients)?

I think the 909 creates the clap by triggering a VCA 4 times about 10ms apart. Is there a way to do this by chaining some envelopes and delaying them? I tried setting up 4 of the VCV ADSRs with an AS Signal Delay in between with no luck.

There may be a very easy solution to this but I’m not an expert in modular.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

MindMeld shape master will do that and 100X more.


Yes, that looks a bit more like it, many thanks. I did try mscHack’s Envy 9 but it was too fiddly.

Also big respect and many thanks for your modules, I use Saws all the time!

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It’s not too difficult really but Shape Master is probably simpler. This my attempt. I’m not sure it sounds much like a clap but it’s fun tinkering with it, the decay on Spank allows you to make it one full sound or to hear each delayed version. I had Computerscare’s Knoly Pobs plugged into the decay to make each hit have a different length which was interesting. Mixing the noise types for the different channels creates some cool results too, you can get all kinds of percussion sounds.

Clap.vcvss (7.7 KB)

you are using 1 msecs gates! (in ELSKER)

I did play with the gate duration but it didn’t seem to make any difference in this set up.

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Reburst is also very usable for this. Jitter gives you variation and it has a gate out, which you can use directly into a VCA.


Actually that looks exactly like what I’m after. I used the 909 as a reference really, it’s much more interesting to create more unique sounds.

Thanks for that, I’m going to have fun with that later.

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