909 Kick Synthesis (according to Sound on Sound)

The Sound on Sound Article gives descriptions of different kick drum synthesis models. This patch tries to duplicate what they suggest. One thing that I didn’t get exactly was that the 909 kick uses a single-shot pulse generator that generates a very square pulse when you trigger it. This is added to the noise generator into a VCA, controlled by a very tight envelope. There might be better choices for the envelope generator, as it’s really just an AR (Rampage or Maths, maybe).

One thing in the article that’s interesting is the 808 kick is generated much more simply, using a Twin T oscillator. Why hasn’t a module designer done a Twin T Oscillator (or 808 Kick) yet? Or maybe someone HAS done an 808 kick module, I don’t know everything!

SOS909Kick.vcv (30.6 KB) https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/practical-bass-drum-synthesis


that’s similar to how Synthetic Bass Drum generates its bass drums. give it a whirl.

Autodafe Kick module has an 808 but i guess it’s a sample. What’s a twin T oscillator?

quick rough guide on kick making, 1st ASDR gives the oomph, 2nd the click - tweak to taste - sustain to tune :slight_smile: