8face strips as preset "banks"

Is it possible to use a grouping of 8face mk2 and expanders as strips that can be turned on or off, and each strip is a different group of presets?

Basically I want more than the max amount of presets you can have with expanders. And I want each “bank” to be a different category/style that I can cycle thru during a performance. Only one strip would be on at any time, switching thru them with logic

Would this work?

Potentially but its worth mentioning sadly there some unexpected behaviors with 8face with sequences and resets and it can make this workflow strange sometimes imo.

I haven’t done enough testing but my guess at the moment is that its not instant in its switching, which can interact poorly with resets and or changing sequences. Ymmv


That’s ok. I’m using it in a patch with two identical patches side by side with a crossfader “dj” style, so will always be on the other side when I select a preset

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I am noticing a similar problem–I am trying to “reset” 8Face and nothing going into the Reset port changes anything on 8Face. Is there something I’m missing, or should I ask this question broadly to the community?

In which CV mode are you using 8FACE? What behavior are you expecting from a reset?

I think what ive tried is to both change a polymetric sequence and reset separately at the time of 8face change. Sometimes it seems to miss the reset (reset happens before the 8face switch i believe) and other times it works out alright…

I was thinking Reset would take it back to the first slot–based on what the manual gives for Trigger Forward: " A trigger on RESET restarts the sequence on snapshot 1." I assumed it would be the same for the other trigger modes, but maybe I’m not understanding how it works?. I’ve tried it Trigger pseudo-random, Trigger Random, Trigger Random Walk, but resetting doesn’t seem to set it to 1. Ideally, I’d like to randomly go from snapshot to snaphshot, but be able to reset to the first slot when resetting other things in the patch. What am I missing? (and thanks Ben!!)

also–i have v 2.0.beta3

Yes, you are right, reset is not implemented for the random modes. I thought it would be quite meaningless for them but maybe I should add them for consistent behavior.

It’s a computer, nothing happens instantly.

If you limit yourself to to capturing 8Face snapshots of modules without huge amounts of data - I mostly use it with sequencers & quantizers - swapping snapshots is as close to instant as it can be.

If you try and - for instance - use 8Face to capture snapshots of Mindmeld Mixmaster, you will run into changes happening over a long fraction of a second, with potentially awkward results.

One thing I found out is that you can swap @synthi’s NYSTHI Sussudio presets, and it will swap audio files, loop lengths etc, as close to instantly as possible. So that’s useful.

But when you use 8Face to capture a bunch of module state, you can go too far and get a glitchy snapshot swap. Since I can do 3 NoteSeqFu, 3 Probably Note quantizers, filter cutoffs, wavetable positions, etc I’m OK with the limitations.

I can’t tell you how many modules are too many, or which modules store too much data in presets to “instantly” swap presets. You have to do your own research.

Only snapshot the modules you really need to. And test swapping presets before and after adding a module to the patch. That way you’ll know what plugin is making things go nonlinear.

Another thing: If you’re changing snapshots on the fly, you can use a ML Modules Trigger Buffer with the 8face preset change pulse hooked into the “ARM” input and a regular clock (like a Clocked row set to /16 disor) and a ‘change snapshot’ trigger won’t go through until the next clock trigger. So you can sync snapshot changes to bar boundaries or 4 bar boundaries, etc.

If you also feed that Tirgger Buffer output to reset on the sequencer(s) they’ll all reset to the start of the sequence.