8Face On Module Group

Is there a way to use one 8Face module on a group of modules…

For example, I have a custom synth with 4 modules. VCO1, VCO2, ADSR & VCF. So I have to use 4 x 8Face next to each one, triggered simultaneously, to change the whole synth into a different preset. If I have three synths like this, I will have to use 12 x 8Face!

Surely there is a workaround for this.

Cheers, ¬~

Yes, 8FACE mk2 can map multiple modules and will be included in next release of PackOne. You can try the development build right now.
Release Nightly · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone (github.com)


Great news.

Is this feature updated on the 8Facex2?

Bit concerned about replacing the P1 folder in Rack Plugins folder. Any chance this will mess up my patches, which use more of your plugins. For example, delete current maps.

No, 8FACE mk2 is a third module besides 8FACE and 8FACEx2. It works the same way as TRANSIT, it has an expander “+8” which can be used up to 7 times allowing 8x8 snapshots.
You can always go back to the release version in the VCV Library if something does not work as expected.

Thanks so much for you help. All loaded fine and appears to be working well.

One more thing. The expander does not seem to work. I have to the right of Mk2, but when I scroll through the maps using a trigger, selection does not pass over into the expander.

Am I missing something?

PS: the boxed feature is great. Don’t know why Rack does not have a native grouping system.

Did you set the number of active presets by long-pressing one of the buttons on the expander?

No. I did not. :slight_smile:

Cheers mate.

Your hard work has made my patch a whole lot better.

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absolutely a game changer💥

The Only problem Is that when i use it with midi cat It crash even if i toggle the contextual menù “don’t change hardware midi when changing presets” i’m on mac

Can you give me more information? Maybe a patch?
Does it work with 8FACE? Is it working without a MIDI device selected?