74 VCV Rack Patches

Here are 74 new VCV Rack patch recordings (early Jan to early Feb 2022) that crossfade, perfect for the ADHD listener who needs a complete change of scene every 45 seconds.

It’s the latest addition to my playlist:

Perfect for said ADHD listener to cover a drive from Santa Monica to Yellowstone.



Sounds very professional and abstract in it’s dissonance, over all beautiful!

Are their any patch examples on Patch storage or anywhere else?

Thanks! Haven’t posted patches.

That’s fine, was interested in what modules you used. :grin:

Go-to clock: Impromptu Clocked. Go-to VCOs: VCV, Bogaudio FM-Op. Go-to quantizer: Quantum Multiverse. Go-to sequencer: Bogaudio PGMR/PGMRX, Count Modula 16-step trigger seq. Sequential switches: ML 8>1, 1>8. Go-to filters: Vult. Output mixer: KoralFX Mixovnik. Other random faves: Northern Wasteland Mr Blue Sky, Musicalbox2, Submarine SS220 chromatic voltage source, ML shift register, etc.