52 patches needed for weekly radio show

Hi All, I’m starting a new weekly live internet radio show/video stream. https://twitter.com/Techbot/status/1231687776967376896 SAT 18:00 - 20:00 CET on https://radio-dark-tunnel.net

I intend to open each show with a different vcvrack patch usually from patchstorage. I also have specific permission from a few notable rackheads.

I’ve been working on a pilot project for nearly a year and you can see the prototype shows on my twitter timeline if interested.

If anyone wants to partake more specifically that would be great. The show is called ‘The Concept Mixtape - LIVE’

and involves both FreeformDj and live improv (using vcvrack as part of a live studio).

Often the vcvrack patch is displayed as part of the video stream.

If you are interested get in touch or post here

thanks Rob (@techbot)


Sounds great Rob!

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